To boost promotions, sales, brand recognition, product and other facets of you and your company, you'll need to engage your audience.  A video needs early development to achieve this succesfully.  We sit down and discuss the intricacies of what your company brings to the world, and how it will best translate in a promotional video.  We run ideas back and forth and together, create a dedicated game plan for achieving success in your Ads' exposure and engagement, all while keeping a strict eye on budget. 

In the pre-production phase we discuss the style, message and call to action your content will deliver.  How will your video best represent your brand, what demographics are you targeting, what reach will this video have on the different social platforms?  Sometimes a video requires a clean, corporate look, sometimes, a vibrant and flashy one.  Will you need content delivered in 4k or for web only?  All of these questions, we help you answer.  From there, we move to the logistics of your shoot and develop a schedule and workflow pipeline.        


Services include:




Location scouting/fee and permit management

Equipment breakdown


Budget development