Here is where we bring your story to life.  We handle media storage, archiving and extensive backing up to protect your content.  Then, we bring all of your footage in to the edit bay and meticulously craft your video.  Music, sound effects, transitions, color correction, VFX and more are utilized in the most creative and effective ways to produce a final video ready for delivery.


In this stage  we work extensively from the pre-production planning.  The different social and video networks require specifications when it comes to uploading media.  Whether it's time limits or encoding specs, we handle these so you don't have to.  We apply color palettes and graphics to stay consistent with your existing or new brand visuals.  We work in Protools to master sound effects, foley and music.  It is in this stage where we spend time molding your videos to look and sound perfect.  




Media storage and archiving


Color correction

Visual effects

Logo design

Audio mastering