Woman at Vineyard

Brand Video

Your brand is more than just a logo, it is how deeply your business resonates with an audience. Customers know exactly what their unique experience will be when they see your brand. Our brand videos are tailored to evoke those feelings of trust and excitement within your target audiences. With you, we take a strong look at how your business or service connects with your audience and ensure that your story is told through each shot, logo placement, sound effect and visual effect.


Brand videos can be similar to testimonial videos. Typically, we will interview a business owner or representative, along with a few select clients or customers and weave this footage together with stylish B-roll footage. As your story is told we use music and visuals to elevate the audience experience. 


Brand videos perform well on websites, Youtube channels, Vimeo channels and broadcast TV. Brand videos can also be crafted to catch the eye of social media users and convert to clicks.