With the steady growth of tourism in San Luis Obispo CA, Luna Red was looking to promote it's restaurant to visitors and locals alike. Not only did they want to showcase the delicious food and excellent location, but also the unique experience of eating at their restaurant. A few loyal customers were more than happy to share their favorite dishes and experiences so we got them on camera and let them tell the stories. Luna Red was able to maximize their online presence with the video and connect with a broad range of customers both in the area and out of the area.  

Hearts and Soles Day Spa wanted to connect with customers in a fun and entertaining way, they also wanted to demonstrate how they help daily, with something we all feel... Stress. We sat down and discussed what kind of pressures and day-to-day stresses occur in life and scripted a video around our heroine, the Mom! Through humor and storytelling we designed the commercial to demonstrate how "the grind" can be exhausting and how a visit to Hearts and Soles Day Spa is the perfect solution.  Hearts and Soles Day Spa were able to increase their engagement on social media along with having an effective draw on their home page.     

Treana Winery was excited to show existing and potential customers what a comfortable and relaxed experience it is when visiting their tasting room, along with the deep family roots that built the business from the ground up. Through the video, Austin Hope described where his passion for winemaking originated from and how they provide that same family warmth for any customers who enter the door.  

Piranha Propellers wanted to highlight how their product was not only durable but easily replaced just in case the inevitable did happen. Compared to competitors, Piranha specializes in producing a blade and hub system that is able to be replaced with minimal effort, effectively sending the boater back on the water in minutes after a prop strike. This would typically leave any other boater dead in the water for extended periods. We brought the audience in to the facilities, shed light on an important demographic detail which is they're made in the USA, demonstrated a prop strike and replacement, then highlighted the fun a boater was able to return to. Piranha quickly fixes their customers problems by providing an excellent and innovative product, we were able to show an increased number of potential buyers exactly what they were getting when choosing Piranha.